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PIUSI Viscomat Vane 70 Electric 230v Oil Transfer Pump

PIUSI Viscomat Vane 70 Electric 230v Oil Transfer Pump

Ref: 06R70085

Viscomat 70 Vane 230v

The Piusi Viscomat 70 Vane electric oil transfer pump has been designed to transfer large quantities of oil at medium pressure between tanks. This Piusi pump also guarantees good flow rates at high pressure, in applications in which the oil pump must supply hose reels for fixed oil distribution systems. Common features of all Viscomat oil transfer pumps include quiet operation (less than 70dB), smooth flow characterised by the absence of pulsations, closed-delivery operation thanks to the incorporated adjustable bypass, high suction capacity and compact design.

Features of the PIUSI Viscomat 70 Oil Pump:

  • Self-priming Viscomat oil transfer pump.
  • Smooth flow & high suction capacity.
  • Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes.
  • Adjustable bypass valve & Viton lip seal.
  • Flow rate: 25ltr per min.
  • Viscosity up to 500 cSt.
  • Maximum fluid temperature of 70c.
  • Continuous running.
  • 1 F BSP inlet/outlet.
  • Protection grade: IP55.

Price: 360.49