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AdBlue / UREA Pump with Hose Kit

AdBlue / UREA Pump with Hose Kit

Ref: 0950-085

Second Generation pump based on our iconic 1987 design. Constructed from heavy duty polypropylene with 2" BSP thread and 19mm (3/4") anti-drip hose spout.

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  • For transferring AdBlue UREA and DEF from tanks and drums.
  • Fits most barrels and drums
  • Hose kit with approved AdBlue Hose and Tap included
  • Average output per stroke: 375cc.
  • Quick-access valve assembly for easy maintenance.
  • 3 Piece compact uptake pipe included, adjustable from 575mm to 965mm and lockable.
  • Trisure drum adapter included.
  • Lock-ring feature for 360 degree positional locking.
  • Optional uptake adapter available for smaller containers 410mm to 615mm.
  • Recyclable.

Price: 61.97