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Tuthill Sotera SS435BCEXP - 12v DC CE Diaphragm Pump Chemtraveller

Tuthill Sotera SS435BCEXP - 12v DC CE Diaphragm Pump Chemtraveller



The SS435BCEXP is a 12VDC Electric Diaphragm Pump with a CE Compliant explosion proof motor. It features a reciprocating spring driven configuration that maintains constant pressure regardless of load. The pump automatically goes into neutral when the valve at the end of the hose is shut off. The glass-reinforced polypropylene pump housing provides integrity and excellent material compatibility inside and out.

Ready to use right out of the box, with Portable Tubular Frame with Top and Bottom Tote Adapter Kits, Santoprene® Diaphragms, and EPDM Elastomers for excellent chemical compatibility (see Chemical Compatibility Guide for specifics). Includes 850 Digital Meter, 1x12' Hose, 1x 9' EPDM Hose, all Connection Fittings and Shutoff Ball Valve.

Features and Benefits of the SS435BCEXP:

  • CE Compliant explosion proof 12 Volt DC Motor.
  • Tubular frame assembly.
  • Top and bottom of tote adapter kits.
  • Santoprene diaphragms.
  • EPDM Seals.
  • Glass-filled Polypropylene Housing.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • 13gpm.
  • 15psi.
  • 130 Degree F max temperature.
  • 10ft Suction Lift.
  • Up to 0.1 diameter solids.
  • Built-in Strainer.
  • 1x9' EPDM hose.
  • 1x12' EPDM hose.
  • Shutoff Ball Valve.
  • Connection fittings.
  • Digital Meter.

Click Here For The SS435BCEXP Data Sheet

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