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Fill-Rite TT10-AB In-Line Digital Turbine Fuel Meter

Fill-Rite TT10-AB In-Line Digital Turbine Fuel Meter

Ref: 06R62033

TT10-AB in-Line Digital Turbine Fuel Meter

Accurate within 1% this turbine meter sets the standard for accuracy, ease of use and safety. It has factory presets for 18 fluids and UL listing on the entire meter, not just the electronics. Replaceable AA batteries keep your meter running and downtime to a minimum. A rubber boot helps protect the meter and electronics from impact damage.

  • Aluminium body which is ideal for use with fuels.
  • 1" BSP Connections.
  • Lightweight - Only 500g.
  • Atex Certified.
  • Install it where you need it - even at the end of a hose.
  • Measure gallons, litres, quarts, pints and ounces with one meter.

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Price: 211.77