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PIUSI Piusibox Pro Portable 12v Diesel Transfer Pump Kit

PIUSI Piusibox Pro Portable 12v Diesel Transfer Pump Kit

Ref: 06R70203

Piusibox 12 Volt

The Piusibox DC portable diesel transfer pump is a mobile refuelling solution in a box. This handy and practical kit includes a DC powered Bypass 3000 12v fuel transfer pump, manual nozzle, delivery hose and suction hoses with a locking foot valve to reduce the risk of leaking. All the equipment comes virtually assembled for user convenience.

This pro version of the Piusibox refuelling pump also comes with a particle filter for removing any debris from the fuel.

The easily transportable storage container is designed to protect the battery powered Piusi fuel pump from debris and dirt, and therefore prevents fuel contamination, whilst also protecting the environment against residue from the nozzle. These portable 12v diesel transfer pumps are therefore ideal for refuelling both agricultural and plant machinery, where the application may not be as clean.

Features of the Piusibox Pro:

  • Power supply: 12 V DC .
  • Flow rate: 43l/min.
  • Piusi BP 3000 Pump.
  • 4m Cable and clips.
  • Manual Self 2000 nozzle.
  • Locking foot valve & strainer to prevent leakage.
  • Protection Grade: IP55.
  • Self-priming battery powered refuelling pump.
  • On/Off Switch.
  • 30min duty cycle.
  • 2m suction & 4m delivery hose ready swaged.
  • Filter 10 (Pro models only).
  • Carry/Storage Box with Handle.

Price: 461.49