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PIUSI Panther 90 230v Electric AC Diesel Transfer Pump

PIUSI Panther 90 230v Electric AC Diesel Transfer Pump

Ref: Panther 90 230v

Panther 90 AC 230v Transfer Pump

This electric diesel transfer pump is the Panther 90 - a reliable, quality and versatile fuel dispensing pump made by Piusi. The Panther 90 is a compact and easy to install diesel refuelling pump, and is the new higher flow rate version in the market known Piusi Panther range. With a maximum flow rate of 90lpm, this electric fuel transfer pump is designed for faster filling of larger vehicles and is ideal for static fuel storage tank systems and refuelling applications.

The Panther 90 is constructed from cast iron and comes supplied with a pump head and motor, an incorporated bypass vale and 500 micron filter. The whole range of Panther diesel transfer pumps are self-priming and have an incorporated mechanical seal, to ensure the pump maintains its reliability even in low temperatures. Further features of this Panther 90 Piusi pump also include its thermal motor overload protection, IP55 protection grade and on/off switch to guarantee easy operation.

Please note: The Panther 90 has a 30 minute on, 30 minute off duty cycle

Features of the Panther 90 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump:

  • Self-priming rotary vane diesel fuel transfer pump.
  • Sintered steel rotor & acetal resin vanes.
  • Cast iron pump body with anti-corrosion paint.
  • Integrated bypass valve and 500 micron filter.
  • Flow rate: 90ltr Per Min.
  • On/off switch.
  • Thermal motor overload protection.
  • 1 F BSP inlet/outlet ports
  • Protection grade: IP55

Price: 259.99