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Manual Filling and Transfer Pump

Manual Filling and Transfer Pump

Ref: JP-07

JP-07 Manual Filling and Transfer Pump

The hand pump enables precise dosing by short pressing the lever after air has been pumped into the canister or barrel.
Alternatively, the pump operates as a siphon pump with a flow rate of 20 l/min (with water) when the tap has been completely folded forward.

  • The hand pump can be fixed using one of the supplied rubber adapters in the bunghole of a barrel or canister.
  • By actuating the pump lever, pressure is built up in the container. The pump can be easy and safe operated with one hand.
  • The user has two different operating options: If small quantities should be exactly removed with the hand pump, only the tap must be pressed. This enables to fill small containers or even flasks and test tubes easily and safely by lever pressure. Alternatively, these hand pump works as a siphon pump with a flow rate of 20 l/min, if the tap is completely folded forward before pumping.
  • The advantages are evident: Precise dosing possible. No permanent pumping necessary. The user has both hands free. This increases the safety when pumping slightly aggressive or alkaline media.
  • Each hand pump is supplied with three rubber adapters (depending on the pump made of NBR, EPDM or FKM), suitable for bunghole diameters from 46.5 to 60 mm, thus ensures a flexible adaptation to all common bunghole openings. For the assembly of the pump no special tools are required.
  • The pumps are operated manually. Therefore they can be used in areas without electricity or compressed air connection.
  • 1.5m Transfer Hoses with nozzle available to purchase seperately to suit each model of the pump.

  • The pump is available with three different seal options depending on what fluid you willbe using with the pump:
  • 06R70260 (JP-07- BLUE) - NBR/Nitrile Seals suitable for lubricating oils, diesel, cutting oils, etc.
  • 06R70261 (JP-07 - GREEN) - FKM/Viton Seals suitable for transmission fluids, anti freeze, AdBlue many chemicals and in-organic acids stored in plastic containers. The tap includes a stainless steel spring.
  • 06R70259 (JP-07- RED) - E.P.D.M Seals suitable for a more specialised range of fluids such as alcohols, diluted alkalis and organic acids.

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