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PIUSI K400 Digital Oil & Diesel Flowmeter

PIUSI K400 Digital Oil & Diesel Flowmeter

Ref: 06R62001

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The PIUSI K400 Digital Flowmeter is designed to measure the quantity of diesel or oil that has been used. This accurate oval gear fuel counter meter is popular for the dispensing of oil in garage and workshop environments, as well as the low flow diesel transfer applications.

Key Features of the PIUSI K400 Digital Flow Meter:

  • Digital Fuel Flow Meter.
  • 1/2" F BSP Inlet/Outlet.
  • Electronic display.
  • Working temperature -10c/+60c.
  • Suitable for diesel and oil.
  • Flow rate: 1-30ltrs Per Min.
  • Oval gear system.
  • Accuracy +/-0.5% after calibration.
  • 5 digit partial and 6 digit totaliser.

Price: 151.83