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Hand Lever Pump

Hand Lever Pump

Ref: 950-series

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  • For transferring various fluids from tanks and drums. Also available in FDA approved food grade version.
  • Discharge approx. 330mls per stroke
  • 2 inch BSP fitting, anti drip nozzle, telescopic uptake pipe. 400 - 915mm.
  • Polyproplyene with various seal options available.
  • Optional adapters are available to fit any drum, tank or IBC.
  • Kits are also available on request.

The 950 series is available in the following models depending on the fluids that you will be pumping:

  • P950-AAA - Nitrile Seals suitable for lubricating oils, diesel, cutting oils, etc.
  • P950-AVT - Viton Seals suitable for transmission fluids, anti freeze, AdBlue many chemicals and in-organic acids stored in plastic containers.
  • P950-EAA - E.P.D.M Seals suitable for a more specialised range of fluids such as alcohols, diluted alkalis and organic acids.
  • 1950-001 - Made from food grade polypropylene with FDA approved viton seals, no harmful colouring pigments, for pumping detergents and lubricants in food processing environments. Supplied with 1 metre of food grade PVC hose 2" BSP drum fitting and uptake pipe to suit 25 - 205ltr containers.

You can select the model you require from the drop-down box below:

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