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Graco Pulse System

Graco Pulse System

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PULSE™ Fluid Management
PULSE fluid management simplifies how forward-thinking service shops track and manage bulk fluids in real time- adding more transparency and accountability to drive productivity and profitability. We’ve been designing and engineering our systems to address today's most pressing fluid management challenges faced by technicians and supervisory staff in industries like car service, fleet and truck workshops, mines and industrial plants.

Why PULSE™ is not “just another fluid management system’’
Our modern fluid inventory control equipment is the ideal solutions to monitor oils and other lubricants from storage tanks to dispense meters. With the installation of only two basic components – the “Pulse Hub” (Wireless Software) and the “Pulse dispense meter”, you are able to gain unparalleled control, insight and analytics with every fluid dispense.

Components - start small and scale according to your needs

Though our Pulse fluid management solution has two basic components – the Pulse Hub (wireless software) and the Pulse dispense meter, the system also includes more feature components that handle diverse service shop needs and increase overall efficiency. Additional system components include Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM), Mobile cart, Remote Extender, plus much more!

DMS Integration - Pulse™ is programmed for data sharing with popular enterprise resource planner (ERP) and dealership-data management systems like R&R, etc.

Benefits of Pulse™ fluid management
Transparency - Monitor every drop, every time – automatically – and minimize shrinkage, rounding and invoice discrepancies.
Accountability. Track issues to the source via advanced technology, including automated alerts and customizable reports
Integration. Capture data, integrate it with popular DMS’s and share it with other stakeholders quickly to improve scheduling, inventory, procurement, pricing and more
Portability. Pair with mobile dispenses units and drums easily to reduce extra steps and hassles for technicians.
Scalability. Add Pulse into almost any environment quickly, even retrofit applications or multiple buildings within the same facility, and avoid excessive installation costs and delays.
Simplicity. Avoid surprises, interruptions and delays. Fluids are tracked and recorded instantly and automatically, so technicians can spend more time in the service bay – serving more customers.
Inventory management. Monitor fluid inventory and schedule refills to minimize delays and excessive costs.
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You can use the Pulse Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator here: to see just how much money Pulse could save you.

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