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PIUSI Cube 70 230v Electric Diesel Transfer Pump

PIUSI Cube 70 230v Electric Diesel Transfer Pump

Ref: 06R70100

Cube 70 230v Diesel Transfer Pump

The Piusi Cube 70 electric diesel transfer pump is a diesel refuelling pump designed for the dispensing of fuel from a storage tank to a vehicle in private applications. Thanks to it being in a compact enclosure with the nozzle, hose and meter, the Piusi electric fuel transfer pump is the full package required for the quick and clean refuelling of machinery or fleets. The mechanical flow meter integrated in this Piusi pump unit has sturdy mechanical totaliser, which is renowned for its reliability and accuracy. Also incorporated in this fuel dispenser is a nozzle holster with a manual pump start lever and automatic pump stop functionality when the nozzle is put back.

Their versatile nature means that Cube 70 diesel transfer pumps can be mounted onto a bunded fuel tank or wall using the optional wall support kit, or can be freestanding with use of the optional pedestal. There is also the option to mount this diesel fuel transfer pump onto a drum with the Piusi quick coupling connection. k.

Features of the Cube 70 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump:

  • Fully enclosed fuel dispenser.
  • Panther 72 diesel transfer pump.
  • Mechanical seal & incorporated bypass valve.
  • Flow Rate: 35-70ltrs Per Min.
  • 3 digit flow meter.
  • Automatic nozzle & 4m x 1" delivery hose.
  • Nozzle holder with pump start/stop lever.
  • Various mounting options available
  • Protection grade: IP55

Price: 912.74