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Apollo Ultrasonic Oil Tank Gauge

Apollo Ultrasonic Oil Tank Gauge


Apollo Ultrasonic Oil Tank Gauge

The Apollo Oil Tank Gauge is an easy to retrofit, ultrasonic level indicator generally used as a domestic oil tank gauge. The Apollo is made up of a transmitter that is installed at the tank, and a digital receiver that can be plugged inside the building to conveniently display the tank level. This oil tank level indicator measures the tank’s contents and transmits the level to the receiver, provided that is within its 200 metre range. The standard version of this oil tank level monitor is suitable for plastic tanks only. However, an adaptor can be purchased as an accessory to make it work on steel tanks.

Features of the Apollo Oil Tank Level Gauge:

  • Ultrasonic Oil Tank Level Gauge.
  • Transmission distance of 200 Metres .
  • Bar graph level display - 10% per bar .
  • Receiver: 150-250v, 50/60Hz.
  • Transmitter: 3v lithium battery.
  • Tank empty red flashing LED.
  • Suitable for tanks of 500-3000mm.

Price: 112.99