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20-25 Litre Drum Pumps

20-25 Litre Drum Pumps

Ref: F960 Series

  • For transferring most types of oil, non-corrosive fluids and tyre sealant.
  • Self priming piston pump approx 100mls per stroke.
  • Mounting adapters available to suit most known closures on 20 and 25 litre drums.
  • Discharge via 1.5m hose with positive shut off.
  • Drum trolley and keg lid also available.

The F960 Pump is available in the following options:

  • F960-DIN: Comes with a DIN 61 Adaptor.
  • F960-ABB: Comes with a DIN 71 Adaptor.
  • F960-JAA: Comes with a 2" BSP Adaptor.
  • F960-KAA: Comes with a Trisure Adaptor.
  • 0960-031: BSO Pump with Telescopic Uptake and 2" BSP Adaptor - Designed for Smaller 20L Drums.
  • 2082-008: For use with Shell drums with Pull Out Spouts on them.

If you are unsure of which adaptor you may need please contact us and we will be happy to help determine which adaptor you require. You can also refer to our drum and pump adators guide Here for further reference.

If the adaptor you require is not already bundled with the pump in 1 of the above options then just add the F960-JAA/0960-031 to your basket and then add the adaptor to your basket as a seperate item.

You can select the model you require from the drop down box below:

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