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Fill-Rite Nextec NX3210B - 12V & 24V DC Continous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite Nextec NX3210B - 12V & 24V DC Continous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump

Ref: 06R70280

The Industry's First Continous Duty Fuel Transfer Pump. The Future of Fuel Transfer is Here......

Benefits of the Nextec:

  • The Fill-Rite Nextec pumps do more than any other DC pumps can do, it works on ANY voltage between 12v and 24v. It is a continous duty pump, an industry first, with a flow rate of 100 litres per minute. That flow rate means you can pump 6m3 of fuel per hour, every hour!
  • The pump comes with an easy to connect power cable which is a quick connect cable, no electrician required to install and set up.
  • This model also includes the nozzle holder and Ultra High Flow dispensing nozzle. With the included nozzle the Nextec pump fills the largest tanks very quickly, saving you time and money!
  • The Nextec pumps are light, durable and reliable. The pump comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Alarms on the pump indicate if there is a problem, and also where there is a problem.
  • Fully ATEX rated to comply with new DSEAR regulations.

Click Here For The NX3210B Data Sheet

Technical Information of the Nextec:

  • Continuous duty for fuel transfer.
  • 25 gpm / 95 lpm.
  • 12 to 24V DC.
  • Compatible with diesel, gasoline, biodiesel up to B20, E15, kerosene, mineral spirits.
  • Intelligent tones - indicate where attention is needed.
  • Lower amp draw - save battery power and pump life.
  • Lighter - great for mobile tanks, even aluminum.
  • 1 1/4" NPT Inlet .
  • 1" NPT Outlet.
  • 2" NPT Bung Mount.
  • Auto power down - after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Magnetic switch - smooth and field replaceable.
  • Removable power cord - convenient and safe.
  • Improved suction lift - variable speed motor adjusts to load.
  • Includes pump, 20' power cord, 18' hose, 1' ultra high flow nozzle.

Price: 634.99